Sunday, January 13, 2013

Dad's first boat.

Dad built this boat in the Air Base wood shop at Pine Camp NY.
For a while it was stored upside down on some sawhorses on the left side of the driveway in Terrie's Corners. I used to climb up on some boards laid across the saw horses and the boat formed the roof when it rained or snowed. Later the boat was put up in the rafters of the garbage dad built next to the house in Terrie's Corners. As far as I know, it could still be there. When we left NY in the 40 foot trailer , I never saw the boat again. 
Kenny Leona, Me, Dad (Left to right)
As to what lake that is, I don't know. It looks like the stone quarry about a quarter mile east of the house in Terrie's Corners. I don't remember us pulling the boat on a trailer to Ohio, don't even remember it ever having a trailer. I think the only memory of transporting the boat involved strapping it to the top of the car.
I do remember Kenny and Leona did visit us at the house in Terrie's Corners.
To be sure about all this I would need to see all the slides dates and numbers in the group this one came from.

I also remember catching frogs at the stone quarry  and that there were "Aunts" and "Uncles" there when I caught them. Of course Kenny and Leona weren't kinfolk, just childhood friends of Mom's, but I didn't know that till years later. My memory of the quarry, was that Mom, Dad and the "Aunt and Uncle" went fishing, but never caught a single fish. I was walking along the bank with my pole and the empty hook was dangling just above the water a couple feet from the shore. A huge bullfrog must have thought it was a bug and jumped right onto my hook. Boy was I surprised!  Dad put the frog in a bucket and told me to try again. In a while I had several, and Dad and the mystery uncle had caught some too. That night we had a feast of fried frog legs. I wasn't sure about trying them, but once I did, they were great. I remember eating them at the dining room table at Terrie's Corners and saying they tasted like chicken, only better. I didn't know why the "Uncle and Dad thought that was so funny.
The thing is, I don't remember any cousins at the frog fishing outing, or the meal that followed, so that makes me think it wasn't any of our Aunts or Uncles because Kenny and Leona's kid was much younger than me.