Monday, March 25, 2013

Generation 50 - Herb and Elva Grosh

The Grosh Family - Generation 50

   by Bob Grosh, Generation 52                                                                

This is my grandparents Herb and Elva Grosh.
Herbert Michael Grosh was born on February 28, 1896 and died in April 1978 at 82 years old. Herbert Grosh's last known residence is at Springfield, Fairfax County, Virginia 22153

Elva Fae (Charles) Grosh was born. April 01, 1900 in Franklin Co. Columbus, Ohio She died May 18, 1974 in south Florida of a heart attack while picking strawberries. Herb and Elva were married on February 18th in 1918. 

Herbert Grosh - Circa 1959 
Here is Herbert M. Grosh

He was visiting us in Florida. This picture is in the back yard of our house on 6 Bass Rd in Fort Walton Beach. The road has since been renamed Ohio Pine. He worked for Boeing Aircraft in Marietta Ga and owned a filling station. He was an excellent auto mechanic.

This is his wife, Elva. I'm not sure where the picture was taken, but it might be stone mountain Georgia.
In Ohio, Elva was the owner/operator of a small upholstery shop, it was located in the garage behind their house. Later, she  taught school. She was only a substitute teacher at first because she didn't have the required certification. The story goes that a fire in Ohio destroyed a lot of the records, so she claimed to have a teaching certificate from there and got a job in Georgia as a teacher. She was named teacher of the year several times when they lived in Georgia.
When she and Herb both retired they moved to south Florida. One hot summer day they were picking strawberries at a nearby farm when she had a heart attack and died.

Imagine that. My grandmother was born before Henry Ford made his first model T.

Here is Grandpa Herb Grosh sitting on the bank of the lake at his vacation home on Lake Sidney Lanier

This is Elva's parents


  1. The last pis of two men holding fish is grandpa Wallace McLain and our dad!

  2. Yes I was told that story about grandma Elva Grosh and her teaching degree, it was repeated from June Grosh her daughter in law (my mom) now at a more mature age I am not sure I believe what mom said! I believe Elva was very smart and held her job in high regards, respected by her students and parents, she had won several awards in achievement and they thru a large retirement party when she left! On the other hand mom was not educated, had no interest in furthering her education, nor did she peruse employment of any kind, mom also had a reputation of never saying anything positive about relative or any one especially any achievements that people made. I always felt she did not want me personally to think well of friends or relatives. Sorry to say this but it is how I see things!