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Generation 50 - Wallace and Daisy Mclain


This is my Grandfather, Wallace McLain

He was a conductor on the B&O railroad, and owned a diary farm in Galion Ohio.
NAME: Wallace McLain
FATHER: William McLain
MOTHER: Fanny McLain
BIRTH: abt 1898 - Ohio
RESIDENCE: Gilead, Morrow, Ohio - Age: 42
1940 census
wallace McLain age 70 wife Fanny age 68 and son, also Wallace Mclain age 42 lived on farm, owned house valued at 1000
that wold make great granpa wallace 1870 and Jenny born in 1872 ang My grandpa McLain born in 1900 In 1940 he made $860.00 as a laborer
Daisy Mclain age 40, Divorced, rented at 22.50 per month
    Daughter Wilma June age 16,
    son dale age 19 worked as a glazer at Florence pottery and made $900.00 a year

1940 With the rearming of US forces the Great Depression was finally beginning to ease , and Americans were earning more and buying more so being able to buy goods and further fueling the economy . But outside of America things were not good as Germany invaded France which meant between Germany and Italy most of Western Europe was controlled by them except for England. In the US the feel good feeling of leaving the depression behind fueled the making of some great movies including "Gone With the Wind" and the "Great Dictator" , and Jazz sounds were the popular music of the day from the likes of Benny Goodman and Count Basie amongst others. The Nylon stockings invented the previous year were all the rage with women, FDR was elected for a third term but Americans were starting to believe they should help Britain in it's fight for survival with Germany and the first peacetime draft occurred in September 1940 which had ominous overtones for the future. Britain was being bombed incessantly and many believed it may only be time before America would be involved. And a worker in the New Factories appearing can earn up to $1,250 per year

Average Cost of new house $3,920.00 Average wages per year $1,725.00 Cost of a gallon of Gas 11 cents Average Cost for house rent $30.00 per month Radio $16.95 Average Price for a new car $850.00 Battery for Torch 10 cents Hoover $52.50

Race Riots in Chicago, Harlem, Los Angeles and Detroit Mexico
Leon Trotsky the Russian revolutionary is assassinated in Mexico
Life magazine costs 10 cents.
Nylon Stockings go on sales


Popular Films
  • Walt Disney's animated film Pinocchio is released together with Fantasia
  • The Great Dictator, starring Charlie Chaplin
Popular Music
  • "Careless" Glenn Miller
  • "I'll Never Smile Again " Tommy Dorsey with Frank Sinatra
  • "In the Mood " Glenn Miller
  • "Pennsylvania 6-5000 " Glenn Miller
  • "Only Forever" Bing Crosby



  • Hugh McLain, who landed in America in 1804
  • Daniel McLain, aged 35, arrived in North Carolina in 1812
  • Benjamin McLain, who landed in Allegany (Allegheny) County, Pennsylvania in 1831
  • William McLain, aged 33, arrived in Mobile County, Ala in 1844
  • John McLain, who landed in San Francisco, California in 1851




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